Secret Millionaires!

I’ve been DP-ing a great little web series called Secret Millionaires.


It’s a darling little comedy!

We’re shooting four (4) episodes over three weekends and tomorrow is the last weekend. It’s written by the hilarious and talented Dan Amos and stars Dan and his cute-as-a-button wife Elizabeth Pennington. Check it out! And check them out on twitter too!


Getting around Injinji!

Don’t get me wrong.  I *love* my Injinji socks.  I’ve just got a tight budget right now and can’t buy enough for every day of the week!  So how do I wear my Vibrams without buying a ton of special socks?  Simple.  I make toeless socks.

They’re like fingerless gloves; but they’re for your feet!

It’s simple!  Take a pair of socks that you want to wear with your Vibrams and put them on your feet!

Draw lines where the edges of your toenails hit the sock.  Like so…

Then take the sock off and cut holes where those lines are…  Tada!  Toeless socks!

Yer done!  Go wear your Vibrams proudly!


I was out with friends recently at a shopping center and we stopped in a sock store where I found these lovely options:

1. HUE Peek-a-boo Liners

They also come in nude…

2. They also had FEELMAX Toe Socks for Sneakers.

But if you’re feelin’ frisky, you might wanna go for these?

Or not… 😉

Noodle-less Stroganoff-ish

This was a delightful dish that was super easy.

I started with two slices of grass-fed flap meat, cut into slices (about 0.75 lbs).  They went into a cast iron skillet and browned and cooked.  While they cooked, I sliced up four zucchinis into quartered slices.  Once the meat was browned and cooked, I added the zucchini.  With the cover on, the zucchini steam-cooked with the meat.  Once the zucchini was cooked (nice and soft), I added:

  • three (3) tablespoons of goat’s milk yogurt
  • two (2) tablespoons of gorgonzola cheese
  • one (1) table spoon of cooked spinach (leftovers)
  • salt and pepper

Then I mixed all that together with the “au jus” from the beef (and the beef and zucchini).  It turned into a lovely brown gravy-like sauce that tasted similar to stroganoff!

It was so yummy!  Ryan and I each had seconds.