Sonny: Pete’s Blue Chip

Our second last location was Pete’s Blue Chip on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock, CA.  They were such awesome people and very cool to work with! It’s an Eagle Rock institution, having been around forever, and when you walk in, that been-here-forever nostalgia is thick in the air. We shot at the empty lot during the day on... Continue Reading →


Sonny: Southern California Edison

If you're a writer, and you're writing a short film or a feature and you're thinking you want to be able to shoot it "on the cheap" then my advice to you is this: don't set it in an empty lot, unless you own an empty lot, or know someone who owns an empty lot.... Continue Reading →

Duncan Christopher Canadian Premiere!!

Most of you know about  “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher”, the film on which I was a producer / line producer.  It’s a quirky comedy about the brutal underground world of competitive karaoke. We had our award-winning World Premiere at The Method Fest 2010 – a film festival devoted to the craft of... Continue Reading →

Gluten-Free Timbits!

Timbits!!  What's a timbit?  You must be American.  *sweet smile at you* Timbit (proper noun): a bite-sized doughnut hole sold at Tim Hortons in Canada. Introduced in April 1976 these treats are now available in various flavours that differ from store to store. Flavours include chocolate, jelly-filled, "dutchie", honey dip, sour cream glazed, and apple... Continue Reading →

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