On the set, talking with Alexander Wright (SONNY).

I’m currently working with Jack Maatman on Sonny, the short film I wrote and directed. Principal photography was in July and because my husband and I were moving across the country (from LA to NYC), we had to put the post-production process on hold until we could get settled enough to work.

Well, recently Jack and I dove back into the editing process and it’s been wonderful! I mean this in the best way possible: I love fighting with him! He definitely keeps me honest as a director. It’s a pleasure.

It’s fascinating to learn while creating. Even while I’m fighting forward for a scene to work, I’m present in two moments. I’m present in the moment where I’m editing with Jack and I’m present in the moment when I shot the scene and I’m learning what I did well and what I did poorly. I’m learning where I should have made an alternate decision. Where I got what I wanted and where I should have done just one more take.

So I’m absorbing all this pentimento-like experience, all while I’m trying to assemble the story, staying true to my original intent, but creating a compelling forward motion.

Dizzying, but delightful!!


My Current Workout Regime

I just moved, with my husband, across the country – from LA to NYC.  I was doing weekly sprints ( more like monthly, but I was doing them!), sporadic strength training, and occasional walks with my hubby.  But then we started packing!

Since the first empty box was opened until now (except for a brief run over Thanksgiving at my husband’s parent’s home) I haven’t done much exercise.  That is, I haven’t done much single-purpose exercise (ie. exercise for the sake of exercise).  What I *have* done is:

  • lift and carry heavy and awkward items
  • move heavy boxes
  • assemble IKEA furniture
  • move said furniture around the apartment without scratching the floors
  • acquire and carry home heavy bags of household goods
  • climb up onto the counters and climb back down again, over and over

And because we’re in NYC, there’s also…

  • walk
  • walk
  • walk

So we’re getting exercise!  My muscles can attest!  And we’ve been getting the Erwan Le Corre-type of exercise…  Sorta!

Once we get really settled in, I’ll figure out where to run my sprints.  But in the meantime, I’m not stressed about not getting “regular” exercise.