My Current Workout Regime

I just moved, with my husband, across the country – from LA to NYC.  I was doing weekly sprints ( more like monthly, but I was doing them!), sporadic strength training, and occasional walks with my hubby.  But then we started packing!

Since the first empty box was opened until now (except for a brief run over Thanksgiving at my husband’s parent’s home) I haven’t done much exercise.  That is, I haven’t done much single-purpose exercise (ie. exercise for the sake of exercise).  What I *have* done is:

  • lift and carry heavy and awkward items
  • move heavy boxes
  • assemble IKEA furniture
  • move said furniture around the apartment without scratching the floors
  • acquire and carry home heavy bags of household goods
  • climb up onto the counters and climb back down again, over and over

And because we’re in NYC, there’s also…

  • walk
  • walk
  • walk

So we’re getting exercise!  My muscles can attest!  And we’ve been getting the Erwan Le Corre-type of exercise…  Sorta!

Once we get really settled in, I’ll figure out where to run my sprints.  But in the meantime, I’m not stressed about not getting “regular” exercise.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Futureboy says:

    Depending on where you live, I find that when it’s nice out, I run along the east river. I usually start out around 10th st in the East Village where I live, and head east. Once you hit the river, you cen head north or south. There’s benches and stuff for box jumps, hurdling, misc. jumping around. Plus the view is pretty decent, and there’s a nice breeze.

    1. gilliebean says:

      Hey Futureboy! Thanks! We’re in Brooklyn and I’ve got some great places around me to run. Also, I just joined a Crossfit box. LOVING IT!!

      How’s your girl doing?

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