Cars 2: Under The Hood, It’s Kind Of A Clunker

I’m not one to write reviews because I love films and filmmakers and while I enjoy dissecting a film for my own edification and education, I don’t like tearing down fellow artists; but I felt so disappointed by Disney-Pixar’s most recent offering that I felt compelled to share my thoughts.

The story should have been about Mater being too afraid to be himself in the big wide world; instead it was about Mater behaving badly and getting off easy. It wasn’t about friendship. It wasn’t about anything meaningful.

It should have started with a “big promise” spy-action-type scene with Mater as the hero somewhere near or in Radiator Springs. Instead it was a car we don’t know and don’t yet care for…  In a place we don’t recognize.

Then after showing Mater with hero-potential, we could have introduced the spys and that plot.

In most stories, it’s supposed to be the protagonist that needs changing. In this film Mater is the protagonist, but he’s not the one who changes. Lightning is the one who changes. Sorta. But we haven’t really followed his story.

Sure it’s a fun ride; but the story is not meaningful.

Disappointing, Pixar. 😦


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