Film Friends: Vessie Kazachka

Vessie Kazachka in the set of The Artist (first from the left)!

My friend Vessie Kazachka was Second AC on the Oscar-winning film “The Artist” and I remember her telling us while it was being shot that she thought it was a good film and that she was proud to be working on it. This was before the Weinsteins got wind of it.

Vessie also worked on my short film, Sonny! We are so grateful to her for sharing her mad skillz and very proud to call her friend!


Third Trimester!

I have three projects in their third trimester: two short films and a baby.

Sonny is so close to being finished, I can almost taste it! I’ve even started thinking about what to write for my “director’s statement” and am just giddy with the thought of getting to write one! We’re still finishing the score (with the amazing Joel Davis), and we’ve still got the sound design and final mix to do. Also, Ryan is in the middle of working on the color. But we expect to have all these things finished by the end of March! And then we will begin submitting to film festivals.

Jerry & Diane, the short film we shot just before Christmas (December 2011), is in post. I completed an assembly cut and then handed it off to Ryan, who will put his spin on it, then we will slam-bam-thank-you-maam post it here at home: colour, sound mix and everything. I’m really excited with how it turned out! And am excited for people to see and experience these quirky, funny characters. They’re odd and endearing. 🙂

Finally, I’m 6.5 weeks away from my due date with our first child. Even as I type this blog post, the little one is squirming around in my belly. I just had some dark chocolate and I think he (or she?) approves. This is why we’re doing our darndest to get these projects done before April. Because after that, I will focus on the one most important, squishiest, messiest, cutest little project that I’m currently incubating. Literally.

I’ve also got a project in it’s first trimester. I’m working to get a screenplay done before the babe arrives. It’s called Tent City and it’s inspired by a combination of things, such as the short film Sonny to a small extent and to a greater extent the current homelessness crisis in the United States and Canada. It’s currently in outline/treatment form and will hopefully begin to take shape as script pages in early March (second trimester?). I’ve spent the most time crafting the structure and story because I feel more confident with popping out script pages than getting the story right. I’ve just handed off a draft of the treatment to my producing partner (Ryan, again) and am waiting on notes.

I wonder what sort of metaphor I could use Braxton Hicks contractions for in the filmmaking process. Any ideas? Perhaps contract negotiations?