1 Week Postpartum

I’m sitting with my beautiful little newborn. We’ve just finished a feeding and she’s in a blissful post-milk nap. Active-sleep cycle. She doing great. She’d lost a whole pound of her birth weight in just five days and the ped was concerned but four days later, she was back up 10 ounces so we’re in the clear! Oh the joys and worries of EBF.

As for me, I was shocked by the amount of recovery I needed. I’ll share my complete birth story later; but in the meantime, for reference, I’ll share that my labour was 25 hours long – 12 hours of early labour, 10 hours of active labour, and 3 hours of pushing. I was shocked that when my midwife asked me to go to the bathroom and show her that I could pee (common request for all vaginal births both at home and in a hospital) I was unable to stand or walk on my own. I’d just pushed a baby out! Why couldn’t I stand or walk on my own?!

I ended up needing help to walk for two days straight. I was so breathless for many days after that. Even today, stairs are tiring. Also, it took me a while to be able to lift my legs. A few days at least. I celebrated each time I could get them higher.

It was somewhat fun to watch my uterus shrink back daily. It’s not all the way back to normal yet, but it’s almost there.

Finally. Ow. Who kicked me in the crotch? And why am I still bleeding?


My Current Project

You might remember in February I mentioned that I had three projects in their third trimester?

Well, one of them has been born!

Meet our little girl, Olivia Grace Fritzsche.

Olivia Grace Fritzsche, on her birth day.

She was born at home, weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 21 inches long. She slept through the night at 1.5 months and is a sweet and joyful babe. We are so blessed to have her!

The other two projects, the short film, Sonny, and the short film, Jerry & Diane, are still in post. We’d hoped to get them done before Olivia arrived but it just didn’t happen.

Soon enough!