3 Weeks Postpartum

So I’m three weeks in and let me tell you: it’s been challenging. Lack of sleep for anyone is difficult. Lack of sleep for someone who knows knows knows how important sleep is is not only difficult, it’s demoralizing. Add to that the milk and the tears and the hormones… I was quite the mess this Saturday past. So, my mother has decided to return for another visit and help us out. Praise. The. Lord.

She arrives tonight!

Other than severe lack of sleep, I’m doing much better. I have a little concern that I stretched that little cartilage in my pelvic bone a little too much so my midwife has suggested that I lay off the squats until further notice – not that I was doing any anyway. I have been going for a few walks. That’s been both morale-boasting and tiring but good. Otherwise, I have not begun exercise. My belly has continued to shrink while my breast feeding boobs have continued to grow!

The babe is doing well. She’s getting heavier every day. Her one month doc visit is coming up soon and I expect her to blow their socks off! 😉

She needs to sleep more. Most babes get 14-18 hours. Our little girl is averaging 11. That’s why my mother’s return is so welcome (aside from the fact that we love her and like hanging out with her!). I’m looking forward to a few more naps!

Ryan went back to work this week. The lack of sleep has been extra hard on him too.

That’s all I got! Love from the newborn trenches!!


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  1. Terry Morgan says:

    I just started following you. My 23 year old daughter (my baby girl) had her first on April 5th; a girl named Morgan (yes, her maiden name) Olivia. It’s been 23 years since my last child (my older boys are now 30 and 28) so I was interested in knowing new ideas to “cope, adjust, etc.” that I can share with my daughter. Thanks for sharing your life!

    1. gilliebean says:

      Congratulations to your daughter! I hope my posts can be helpful! 🙂

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