Back to Air Squats!

This might be small to some, but it’s huge to me. I can do air squats again.

I used to be able to back squat 135 lbs. The very first day I started Crossfit, I did 88 air squats in a row, after 45 minutes of other stuff. But in the worst of my recent health issues, my leg strength bottomed out. I couldn’t get up off the ground using only the strength in my legs. I couldn’t get up off the sofa without using momentum or pulling myself up.

My recovery plan sounds simple. I started more specific-to-me supplements; I worked to decrease stress and improve my life habits; and I’ve been getting substantially more and better sleep. I also started rowing in the morning. It’s low impact. After months and months of new life habits, supplements, and better sleep, and after rowing for a few weeks, I started to think it might be time to try doing a few air squats. The first day, I did five. They felt weird and hard; but I did them. Then the next day I did 10. The next day, 12. And today, I did 18.

I was skeptical though, because all of those were after warming up on the rower.

So tonight, at dinner time, I told Ryan, with a hint of excitement in my voice, “I can do air squats again.” “Yeah? Show me.” “Okay.” I had to psych myself up. I wasn’t warmed up. The last time I tried to do an air squat in the kitchen it hurt like hell and it took me a good five seconds to do it. I hadn’t been ready.

But this time, I did two. And then two more.

I was so happy, I cried.

And before I finished writing this post, I got up and did three more just to prove to myself that it’s really true. I can do air squats again. The strength in my legs has returned. I’m on the mend.



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