On Being A Better First AD

Back in May, I was the First AD on a series of commercials for Microsoft - specifically, for several computers that sport the new Windows 7 operating system. We shot in a studio for four days and to be honest... It was my best experience as a First AD ever. I'm not sure what the... Continue Reading →


Working Background

So my husband and I just moved to New York City and to help pay the bills while I work on writing screenplays and directing short films, we decided that I needed to get a part-time job. I needed to figure out what kind of job I could do that would be flexible enough but... Continue Reading →

On Directing Actors

The Hollywood Reporter has a delightfully short little piece on Tom Hooper and his recent accolades called "The 5 Secrets of Tom Hooper’s ‘King’s Speech’ Success."  In it Hooper says, "I was at the roundtable with Ethan Coen and he said to me, 'I've never directed an actor in my life,' and I thought, well --... Continue Reading →

See Me Perform!

I am currently performing in the Andy Dick Experimental Theatre at iO West in Hollywood as part of the Comedy Lab LIVE! ensemble of actors! You can next see me on Sunday nights in September!

A Dream Come True: I’m Playing Puck!

I've been working on a little independent film during the last few weekends that we're lovingly calling "Midsummer 95." It's an abridged screen adaptation of "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and I've been cast as Puck! It's been a dream of mine to play Puck. And it's truly been a delight! The cast and crew is so... Continue Reading →


I've been very busy these days. I've just started the Act One (Saturday) Writing Program. I'm working part-time at Hero Pictures (they're producing The Private Lives of Albert Einstein) and I'm also getting my voice acting demos out to agents very soon. Finally, both Ryan and I are on the producing team of a feature... Continue Reading →

Moving Confidently Forward…

I've got my new Voice Animation Demo Reel up on my Voices.com profile! Thanks to Ryan who mastered it for me today. Pretty soon I 'll be burnin' a bunch of CDs with which to litter the mail. Voice Talent Agents, here I come... P.S. I just added an updated version of my Commercial Demo.... Continue Reading →

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