The Sonnet Project’s Sonnet 42

I directed (adapted, shot, and edited too) another sonnet for Shakespeare Exchange‘s The Sonnet Project – a great project here in NYC that is aiming to film all of Shakespeare’s sonnets, each performed by a different actor in a carefully chosen New York City location.

This time I shot Sonnet 42 about a jilted lover. The location I was assigned provided some logistical challenges; but we came through with a pretty little short film that I hope you’ll enjoy.

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Secret Millionaires: Red Carpet Event


On the set of the Windows 7 shoot.

A few months ago I was in LA for work (I was the First AD on a Windows 7 commercial, more on that later) and I was fortunate enough to be there for a red carpet event for Secret Millionaires, the web-series I shot with my talented friends Dan Amos and Elizabeth Pennington.

Secret Millionaires had been nominated for the Mingle Media Audience Choice Award by the fans at 2011 New Media Film Festival.

What an honour!

Thankfully I was not working on the night of the event, so I borrowed clothes and jewelry from my former roomie (Pennington) and we did our hair and makeup and drove off in a classy rental car (mine for the week) to downtown Hollywood for the red carpet. We were hoping for the win!

We didn’t get the top spot, but we came close. You can see a video here of us all on the red carpet.

Snazzy group, eh?

Secret Millionaires!

I’ve been DP-ing a great little web series called Secret Millionaires.


It’s a darling little comedy!

We’re shooting four (4) episodes over three weekends and tomorrow is the last weekend. It’s written by the hilarious and talented Dan Amos and stars Dan and his cute-as-a-button wife Elizabeth Pennington. Check it out! And check them out on twitter too!