Duncan Christopher: Coffee Shop Girls

Ryan always imagined himself with a coffee shop girl.

But when he married a former McDonald’s employee (that’s right – I worked drive-thru!), he thought he’d have to give up that dream. However, once I got my green card, I needed a quick job before I began the Act One Executive Program. So like a good little Hollywood-hyphenate, I got a job at a coffee shop.

One of the best coffee shops!

And I learned all I could from them. Once I was done learning, I was also done working for them. And I quit (gasp!). Shortly after that I got a job at a small production company as an exective assistant to the producers and business manager.

I’m all about quintessential hollywood jobs, eh?

Anyway, coffee shop girls. There’s something about them. What is it?

Duncan Christopher has an idea.


I even have a cute little green t-shirt that we bought on our honeymoon. It says “Love Street Coffee Shop” on it. I know for a fact that Ryan gets romantical thoughts in his head when I wear it. He can’t help it!


Yahoo! Bought My Translator

Translate this:

Uso para: metodo tradicional. Cafeteira eletrica e cafeteira italiana.

We were given some Brazilian coffee for Ryan’s birthday…

(If you give either of us coffee, it’s for both of us. It just is.)

So Ryan was given some pre-ground Brazilian coffee for his birthday. We put it in the freezer before we went to the East Coast two weeks ago, and I took it out yesterday to thaw.

(Again, for reference, you should only put coffee in the freezer like you put fish or other fleshy foods. Don’t keep taking it out and putting it back in. You’ll bleach the flavour from the coffee and it’ll no better than hot black water once you brew it.)

So this morning, Ryan was asking me where the coffee filters are… We typically use the French press or make espresso-drinks, so for him to be asking where the filters are was kinda odd. Then I remembered the Brazilian coffee. I hopped up to check the grind. Ryan was right, it was definitely too fine for French press, but it almost seemed too fine for a perc. So I suggested that he try making a shot with it. Espresso. He was nervous, but he tried. Besides, we were out of filters anyway.

The whole package was in Portuguese. So trotted over to my brand-spankin’ new hand-me-down 15″ PowerBook G4 and typed in babelfish.altavista.com and lo and behold, Yahoo has acquired Babelfish! It looks the same and works the same, it’s just couched in Yahoo-ness.

And I translated the Portuguese text. It was all in Portuguese so it took some time to find the right text to translate. It read thusly:

Use stops: traditional method. Electric coffee pot and Italian coffee pot.

What? Use for either? Electric or Italian? A quick Google reveals that in Brazil, they are “traditionally” the same thing.

So Ryan made his espresso with our American-Italian coffee maker. A Breville. It was actually pretty good! I’d wimped out and used our decaf whole beans.

TJ’s Limited Edition Peaberry

…from Kauai.

If you live in an area bereft of Trader Joe’s and you like coffee, I have a little bit of pity for you today.  Currently, Trader Joe’s has a Limited Edition Peaberry from Kauai.  According to the can, the coffee is bright, smooth, and sweet.  Boy, are they right!

From Wiki:

Peaberry, also known as caracoli, is a type of coffee bean. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant develops as two halves of a bean within a single cherry, but sometimes only one of the two seeds gets fertilized so there is nothing to flatten it. This oval (or pea-shaped) bean is known as peaberry. Typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are of this form.

We brewed the first batch in our 12-cup french press.  And the result was lovely.  I found the roast to be a little hard, the bean is slightly burnt; but the flavour comes through!  Medium acidity, medium body.  Bright and sweet.  Very sweet!

So if you live near a Trader Joe’s and love good coffee, go buy this whole bean peaberry coffee!  Or come over to our place and I’ll brew you some.