Me Too

I hesitated to write this post because I've "only" experienced sexual harassment and not sexual assault. I felt guilty. Like I would be taking attention away from the more important problem of sexual assault. But I've realized that while assault is farther across the line, harassment is definitely on the same side of the line... Continue Reading →


“You’ve Got Skills”

I've just watched Season 1: Ep. 11 of Luke Cage and I need to talk about this scene between these two awesome powerful women. After handcuffing Shades to the pipe, Claire collapses onto the barrel. Misty turns. Misty Knight: You've got skills. Claire Temple: You too. Misty Knight: My father. Claire Temple: My uncle. They laugh together.... Continue Reading →

Olivia’s Birth Story

Giving birth was so much harder, more painful, and more challenging than I had anticipated. I'm grateful for the presence of my husband Ryan - he was my anchor once I was in active labour; my mother, Fay - she provided countless moments of strength and comfort; my father, Glenn, who was with us for... Continue Reading →

3 Weeks Postpartum

So I'm three weeks in and let me tell you: it's been challenging. Lack of sleep for anyone is difficult. Lack of sleep for someone who knows knows knows how important sleep is is not only difficult, it's demoralizing. Add to that the milk and the tears and the hormones... I was quite the mess... Continue Reading →

1 Week Postpartum

I'm sitting with my beautiful little newborn. We've just finished a feeding and she's in a blissful post-milk nap. Active-sleep cycle. She doing great. She'd lost a whole pound of her birth weight in just five days and the ped was concerned but four days later, she was back up 10 ounces so we're in... Continue Reading →

My Current Project

You might remember in February I mentioned that I had three projects in their third trimester? Well, one of them has been born! Meet our little girl, Olivia Grace Fritzsche. She was born at home, weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 21 inches long. She slept through the night at 1.5 months and is... Continue Reading →

Third Trimester!

I have three projects in their third trimester: two short films and a baby. Sonny is so close to being finished, I can almost taste it! I've even started thinking about what to write for my "director's statement" and am just giddy with the thought of getting to write one! We're still finishing the score... Continue Reading →

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