This is Valentina Pozzoli.  She has a beautiful heart and is a wonderful friend.  I took some photos of her recently.  This one was my favourite.

A Quintessentially Hollywood Day

Yesterday was a very Hollywood Day for me. In the morning I worked four hours at my part-time job at a burgeoning Hollywood production company. I am Executive Assistant to the International Business Coordinator.  I do office management, accounting, and general administration. It’s fun, a nice environment, and the people are cool. Then in the afternoon…

Our Newfoundland Trip

Photos! This is from Port de Grave. I’m in love with this photo. It doesn’t matter that I took it. This is in Trinity, Trinity Bay. We stayed at this B&B for one night. This is Chance Cove, Trinity Bay. Hiking along the East Coast Trail… This is the last day before we left. We…


Today I lost a dear family member. My cousin Ken Ash. So I went on a drive and took photos as a means of therapy. It helped.