Kids’ History: Christmas Edition

I wrote, produced, and directed a new Christmas short film for my church! TGC Park Slope - Kids' History: Christmas Edition from Trinity Grace Church on Vimeo.  


Manger Things

I wrote a Christmas short film, a spoof called Manger Things. Check it out!

Leadership Sets The Culture On Set

There was a great letter from the ASC president Richard Crudo to the ASC members following the February death of Sarah Jones. You can read the whole thing here. What I want to focus on is his admonition that it is indeed the cinematographers - the leaders - who set the tone and the culture on... Continue Reading →

On Being A Better First AD

Back in May, I was the First AD on a series of commercials for Microsoft - specifically, for several computers that sport the new Windows 7 operating system. We shot in a studio for four days and to be honest... It was my best experience as a First AD ever. I'm not sure what the... Continue Reading →

Netflix for Theaters: MoviePass

In this Gizmodo article we learn about a subscription program for movie theaters. Part of me is excited; part of me is nervous. Having worked in professional theater, I know what a boon subscription offers can be for stabilizing earned income. And in general, it's been proven over and over again in my experience that what's good... Continue Reading →

Working Background

So my husband and I just moved to New York City and to help pay the bills while I work on writing screenplays and directing short films, we decided that I needed to get a part-time job. I needed to figure out what kind of job I could do that would be flexible enough but... Continue Reading →

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