Me Too

I hesitated to write this post because I’ve “only” experienced sexual harassment and not sexual assault. I felt guilty. Like I would be taking attention away from the more important problem of sexual assault. But I’ve realized that while assault is farther across the line, harassment is definitely on the same side of the line as assault — give an inch; they’ll try to take a mile. So while assault is very much not okay; I’m acknowledging that harassment is certainly also not okay.
And so, me too.
I’ve also realized, as I’ve thought about this over the last few days, that the sexual harassment I’ve experienced has legitimately affected my self image, my behaviour, my clothing, my life habits, and my health. It was “simple” sexual harassment, but it had far-reaching effects. And that is very much not okay.
So yeah, me too.
For much of my life, I have felt cursed with a “too feminine” body. Early on, I began to realize that my body shape seemed like an invitation to strangers — boys and men — to approach me. Literally just because of the shape of my 5’8″ teenage body. As I grew older, I became angry about my body shape. I felt that it was betraying me. The only thing I could think to do was dress it like a boy. I felt safer dressed more masculine. Dressed in baggier clothes, I felt hidden. I didn’t want to wear clothes that accentuated my shape (even modest ones!), because I felt that I’d draw unwanted attention! I stopped wearing skirts.
Me. Too.
And now, after having two babies, as I’ve come to the place where I’ve more or less matured and generally healed from that fear and hurt, moving into a place of experienced indifference, I don’t have that body any more. And I feel the loss of having wasted so many years on those fears. Fears of men not being able to control themselves and approach me with lewd language and vile invitations. Fears of men placing their hands on my body when they have no right to. Fears of men becoming angry and violent when I politely reject their unwanted attention. I feel the loss of the time when I could have been enjoying being feminine, enjoying wearing skirts and dresses, enjoying being myself.
Me too.
I have lived in fear of my own body and of men’s reaction to that body for far too long, and I’ve now realized that sexual harassment has been and is a “little more” than just irritating; it has affected my whole life.
If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too,’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. #MeToo

Film Friends: Amy and Bryan Storkel, and Jason Connell

My film friends, Bryan & Amy Storkel and Jason Connell have produced a film about card-counting Christians who are professional blackjack players called Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians.

I’ve been following this film for a while. I’ve seen several pieces of advanced footage and have been honoured to support it’s development in several ways. It’s a fascinating look into a niche world of Christianity and professional gambling!


Check it out on, iTunes or YouTube!

Bryan is currently directing another documentary with Oscar-winning documentarian Daniel Junge called Fight Church. As someone who loves amateur MMA, I’m super excited about this one!!

And I can’t finish this post without noting that Daniel Junge’s Oscar-winning co-director on Saving Face (2011), Sharmeen Ohaid-Chiney, is Canadian (like me)!

Film Friends: Vessie Kazachka

Vessie Kazachka in the set of The Artist (first from the left)!

My friend Vessie Kazachka was Second AC on the Oscar-winning film “The Artist” and I remember her telling us while it was being shot that she thought it was a good film and that she was proud to be working on it. This was before the Weinsteins got wind of it.

Vessie also worked on my short film, Sonny! We are so grateful to her for sharing her mad skillz and very proud to call her friend!

My Current Workout Regime

I just moved, with my husband, across the country – from LA to NYC.  I was doing weekly sprints ( more like monthly, but I was doing them!), sporadic strength training, and occasional walks with my hubby.  But then we started packing!

Since the first empty box was opened until now (except for a brief run over Thanksgiving at my husband’s parent’s home) I haven’t done much exercise.  That is, I haven’t done much single-purpose exercise (ie. exercise for the sake of exercise).  What I *have* done is:

  • lift and carry heavy and awkward items
  • move heavy boxes
  • assemble IKEA furniture
  • move said furniture around the apartment without scratching the floors
  • acquire and carry home heavy bags of household goods
  • climb up onto the counters and climb back down again, over and over

And because we’re in NYC, there’s also…

  • walk
  • walk
  • walk

So we’re getting exercise!  My muscles can attest!  And we’ve been getting the Erwan Le Corre-type of exercise…  Sorta!

Once we get really settled in, I’ll figure out where to run my sprints.  But in the meantime, I’m not stressed about not getting “regular” exercise.

Getting around Injinji!

Don’t get me wrong.  I *love* my Injinji socks.  I’ve just got a tight budget right now and can’t buy enough for every day of the week!  So how do I wear my Vibrams without buying a ton of special socks?  Simple.  I make toeless socks.

They’re like fingerless gloves; but they’re for your feet!

It’s simple!  Take a pair of socks that you want to wear with your Vibrams and put them on your feet!

Draw lines where the edges of your toenails hit the sock.  Like so…

Then take the sock off and cut holes where those lines are…  Tada!  Toeless socks!

Yer done!  Go wear your Vibrams proudly!


I was out with friends recently at a shopping center and we stopped in a sock store where I found these lovely options:

1. HUE Peek-a-boo Liners

They also come in nude…

2. They also had FEELMAX Toe Socks for Sneakers.

But if you’re feelin’ frisky, you might wanna go for these?

Or not… 😉

Tasty Trailers: DIRT

Dirt. It’s a good thing. I consider it mother nature’s vaccine. I like to play in it. Grow stuff in it. And sling it at that cute boy I married.

We can tend to sometimes think of dirt as dead. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, ya know?  But dirt is a community of organisms. It’s alive. And we’re killing it.

Modern agricultural practices are eating away at our soil.

One of my favourite food bloggers linked to a new film called, you guessed it, DIRT.

Here’s the trailer…

Just like FOOD INC, KING CORN, and BIG RIVER were all films worth talking about, DIRT is worth our time.

Wet Grass

I went down to the Rose Bowl for my sprints this morning.  The grass had received a buzz-cut and it was rather wet.

My vibrams ended up looking like this!

It was a good workout.  I ran further and faster than ever and felt great afterwards.