The Sonnet Project’s Sonnet 42

I directed (adapted, shot, and edited too) another sonnet for Shakespeare Exchange's The Sonnet Project - a great project here in NYC that is aiming to film all of Shakespeare’s sonnets, each performed by a different actor in a carefully chosen New York City location. This time I shot Sonnet 42 about a jilted lover. The location I... Continue Reading →


The Sonnet Project’s Sonnet 143

I just realized that I forgot to post this when it went live! I shot and directed a very short adaptation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 143 for NYC's The Shakespeare Exchange. Check it out! View more adapted sonnets here.  

I Directed Theatre And It Won An Award!

It had been seven years since I attempted directing theatre. The last time was a lovely experience at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia via their emerging artist arm called Stone's Throw Productions. I directed an abriged one-act adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. We called it Less Ado. It was three nights only and... Continue Reading →

Netflix for Theaters: MoviePass

In this Gizmodo article we learn about a subscription program for movie theaters. Part of me is excited; part of me is nervous. Having worked in professional theater, I know what a boon subscription offers can be for stabilizing earned income. And in general, it's been proven over and over again in my experience that what's good... Continue Reading →

My First Night At The Theatre Since…

I am at the theatre. My birthday present! It is my first night at the theatre since leaving my job as Associate General Manager at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, Canada. Ryan is sitting beside me reading the program and just commented on the prolific nature of the man who is about to entertain us. I just witnessed... Continue Reading →

Here A Strike, There A Strike

...everywhere a strike-strike. As the time draws near for the WGA (Nov 1st), the local Broadway IATSE union in New York is set to follow suit. Or should I say, precede accordingly. This news has a special place in my heart because I spent some time managing a professional theatre in Vancouver, Canada. I hit... Continue Reading →

Middle School Theatre

Say what you will, Elementary School Theatre is still theatre. Last night as hundreds of parents, grandparents, cousins and friends filed into the auditorium of a school in Pasadena, the tangible "excitement before the show" electricity was in the air. I know this feeling. It's the energy that kept me going at Pacific Theatre when... Continue Reading →

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