Duncan Christopher: Post-production

Ryan’s in his edit suite (aka our living room) right now executing the long list of producer’s notes that were shared and discussed yesterday during a twelve. hour. long. meeting that took place after we watched the sliced and diced version of the Director’s Cut in the morning. To get to this point feels like we’ve won some sort of prize!

Our living room really is becoming an edit suite. Ryan’s got a huge HD monitor and really great M-Audio speakers and it’s looking really pro. Even as it’s sitting on our $60 IKEA desks.

I’m really excited about the film. It looks amazing, it’s funny, and I love it more every time I watch it. I laugh out loud every time I watch it and most importantly… I feel something.

Our website will be up soon and ready to share. You’ll get to see production stills and read the bios of the lead actors. Soon we’ll include a trailer. And hopefully, at some point, we’ll list a release date on there.

That will be the ultimate prize.

How Not To Pitch A Film


Lots of people are showing up to this post looking for information.  Well, here’s some information on “how to pitch a film”.

Based upon my knowledge, experience and education, the links above tell you pretty much all you need to know about pitching.  The rest is practice, presentation, and poise.

Best of luck!


1. Don’t do this.