New Film, New Way of Filmmaking

Here's a great press release for our film, written by the excellent Hearth Creative team in Tulsa, Oklahoma! New Film, New Way of Filmmaking Will Be Showcased at 2010 Los Angeles United Film Festival.


Duncan Christopher Gets Serious

Check out this video from the cutting room floor of the film that Ryan and I (and some other really cool people) have been working on for the last two years. The website for the film is here. To become a facebook fan, click here! To follow the film on Twitter, click here!

Duncan Christopher: Post-production

Ryan's in his edit suite (aka our living room) right now executing the long list of producer's notes that were shared and discussed yesterday during a twelve. hour. long. meeting that took place after we watched the sliced and diced version of the Director's Cut in the morning. To get to this point feels like... Continue Reading →

How Not To Pitch A Film

UPDATE: Lots of people are showing up to this post looking for information.  Well, here's some information on "how to pitch a film". from Wikipedia from eHow Based upon my knowledge, experience and education, the links above tell you pretty much all you need to know about pitching.  The rest is practice, presentation, and poise.... Continue Reading →

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