“You’ve Got Skills”

I’ve just watched Season 1: Ep. 11 of Luke Cage and I need to talk about this scene between these two awesome powerful women. After handcuffing Shades to the pipe, Claire collapses onto the barrel. Misty turns. Misty Knight: You’ve got skills. Claire Temple: You too. Misty Knight: My father. Claire Temple: My uncle. They laugh together….

Film Friends: Amy and Bryan Storkel, and Jason Connell

My film friends, Bryan & Amy Storkel and Jason Connell have produced a film about card-counting Christians who are professional blackjack players called Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians. I’ve been following this film for a while. I’ve seen several pieces of advanced footage and have been honoured to support it’s development in several…

Forget That It’s New

Back in December, I did too much activity in a short period of time and my body rebelled. On a Thursday, I went to a free class at California Kickboxing in Pasadena. They kicked my rear end. I took a fall in the beginning of the class onto the mats, but I was fine and continued….