Purple (a poem)

PURPLE Awake in the morning, on a crisp corner of a bright street. He made me a tea latte, a London Fog – nice and neat. Grey lounges readying grey. Heels giggle to start the day. Normalcy abounds, yet the absurd I feel ready to meet.

Producers’ Feeling (a poem)

PRODUCERS’ FEELING Grasping at straws, trying to fashion a house. Feeling large and in charge, but also small, like a mouse. Wonder what the next day-hour-minute will bring. Worry and faith – simultaneous, this is what a producer’s feeling.

WGA Strike (a poem)

The LATimes is in the know. Writers will be no-show… they’ll find out when, tomorrow. As the emails go, through the internet. The time will be set. By the Board of Direc- …tors. They’re no Thor; but, this might score… the writers more points. On the back end. Hopefully they’ll send… the companies a message….

Production Expenses (a poem)

sore shoulders. greasy hair. messy apartment. little sleep. poor diet. poor coffee. late nights. feeling weak. early mornings. paper cuts. paper pushing. paper cups. driving trucks. dirty hands. more coffee. cargo vans.