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Duncan Christopher: Post-production

Ryan’s in his edit suite (aka our living room) right now executing the long list of producer’s notes that were shared and discussed yesterday during a twelve. hour. long. meeting […]


I’ve been writing!  And I just completed the first draft on a screenplay that I’ve been writing for a producer in San Diego.  Woot!  I’m gonna get notes tonight and […]

Film Friends: The Garden

This past Saturday night Ryan and I attended the opening weekend of the oscar-nominated film (that Ryan worked on as the online editor and trailer editor), The Garden, at the NuArt Theatre. […]

Film Friends: THE GARDEN

A film that Ryan worked on a while back has been nominated for an Oscar! It’s called “The Garden”. Here’s a few links: The Garden Website The Garden IMDb Ryan […]

Duncan Christopher: Final Day

Here we are at Topeca Coffee on our last day of filming with full crew. The Oklahoma winds are making their effects known outside and inside crew peeps are sleeping […]

Duncan Christopher: Day 23

We’ve reached day 23 of 25. We were supposed to shoot only 24 days but we had to push a few things. Tomorrow is a day off (for crew) and […]

Film Friends: The Garden

Here is one that’s Ryan’s put some time into… THE GARDEN A Film by Scott Hamilton Kennedy From the ashes of the L.A. riots, the South Central Farmers have nurtured […]

Down to the Wire

Today, Nikki Finke posted this TIME article about The Wire’s writers and their current and newly-published policy about the Drug War. I find it relevant that their little show, “admittedly […]
Down to the Wire

WGA Strike (a poem)

The LATimes is in the know. Writers will be no-show… they’ll find out when, tomorrow. As the emails go, through the internet. The time will be set. By the Board […]