The Cohort of Star Experts

In the Fall of 2018, I wrote another short one-act Christmas play, this time about the “wise men” who visited the baby, no- the toddler, Jesus, about 18-24 months after he was born. I called it “The Cohort of Star Experts”. I wrote it with the goal of it being able to be used with…

Kids History: Christmas Edition

I produced, wrote, and directed this comedic Christmas short film for Trinity Grace Church Park Slope! TGC Park Slope – Kids’ History: Christmas Edition from Trinity Grace Church on Vimeo.  

Manger Things

This is a Christmas short film I wrote and produced, a spoof called Manger Things. I produced it with Elisa Booker, the Children’s Director of my church here in Brooklyn, Trinity Grace Church Park Slope. The young guys over at Infinity Finite on YouTube, Ethan and Christian Locy, directed and shot it. Ethan directed. Christian shot it. Check it…

The Most Extravagant Gift

The Most Extravagant Gift is a short Christmas play I wrote about the birth of Jesus. It was produced by Trinity Grace Church Park Slope in 2015. Ideal for churches with robust children’s ministries. Check it out. Contact me if you’re looking for a great christmas play for your church’s Kids’ Program.

Merry Christmas!

We tried to send out Christmas card this year. We designed them. Printed various versions. And were planning on putting together our mailing list, when suddenly we had no time left. And now it’s January. Oops! So I’m going to post our Christmas cards here for the world to see. Here’s the front: And here’s…

Looking Forward to “Winter”

My momma sent me this pic today of their backyard.   It’s a very different scene than MY backyard in LA. But Ryan and I built a mountain out of fake snow and a tunnel and then we ran a train through it. Oh! And the whole thing surrounds our happy little three-foot fake Christmas tree….