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Short Christmas Play — “The Cohort of Star Experts”

Produced in Fall of 2018, I wrote this short one-act Christmas play, “The Cohort of Star Experts,” about the “wise men” who visited the baby, no- the toddler, Jesus, about 18-24 months after he was born. View the archival video here.

I wrote this play with the goal of it being able to be used with a cast of young teens and younger kids (as young as 5 or 6). Sometimes those younger kids aren’t able to memorize their lines or blocking terribly well and rehearsals are chaos. So I wrote something where the older kids would be able to memorize their lines and blocking easily and the younger kids would have a easy sort of call-and-repeat bit of dialog to memorize, making it much easier for them to be involved and making the rehearsal process easier for the director too!

And I think it was a success! The video’s not up yet, but I’ll link it here when it is. It was produced and directed by the effervescent Elisa Booker. All photos by Sojourner Society.

If you’d like to license this play to use for your Christmas kids pageant, please contact me!


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