Opening Monologue for Jane Lynch + Choice Hotels 2017 Awards Show

I wrote a comedic opening monologue for celebrity host Jane Lynch, as well as all the presentation banter and winner descriptions for the evening (based on research provided by the client), as the sole writer for ADM Productions‘ script for Choice Hotels’ annual corporate awards show in 2017.  

Corporate Awards Show for ADM Productions

I was the sole writer for ADM Productions‘ script for Mylan’s annual corporate awards show. I wrote a comedic opening monologue for celebrity host Todd Newton, as well as all the presentation banter and winner descriptions for the whole evening’s event.

“You’ve Got Skills”

I’ve just watched Season 1: Ep. 11 of Luke Cage and I need to talk about this scene between these two awesome powerful women. After handcuffing Shades to the pipe, Claire collapses onto the barrel. Misty turns. Misty Knight: You’ve got skills. Claire Temple: You too. Misty Knight: My father. Claire Temple: My uncle. They laugh together….

The Most Extravagant Gift

The Most Extravagant Gift is a short Christmas play I wrote about the birth of Jesus. It was produced by Trinity Grace Church Park Slope in 2015. Ideal for churches with robust children’s ministries. Check it out. Contact me if you’re looking for a great christmas play for your church’s Kids’ Program.

4.5 Weeks Postpartum Confession

I just got out of a shower at 3:30 am where I had a good cry. I am 4.5 weeks postpartum with my son and I can’t sleep. Why was I crying? Lots of reasons. I was crying because I am still carrying baby weight. I was crying because I can’t get back to sleep….


Sonny is a short film that I wrote in 2009 and shot in 2010. It premiered in LA in 2013. Sonny is about a homeless man who squats in a dirty old RV on an empty lot. When he meets a brash young woman named Annie at the local recycling depot, his world is turned…

How To Write A Screenplay

A friend of mine asked me by email how one goes about writing a screenplay. I answered his question with this silly little list: Start with an idea. Often this sounds like: “What if this happened?” Where “this” is the crazy idea. Give the idea a hero. Give the hero a goal. Set up obstacles…

Writer, Director, Mother, Superhero?

Hey! I am a writer, producer, and director, primarily in film/video. My background as a award-winning independent film and theatre producer and 1st assistant director has honed my writing skills and my ability to stay on time and on budget as a director. I have directed short film/video projects, live theatre, and I’ve written feature…

Third Trimester!

I have three projects in their third trimester: two short films and a baby. Sonny is so close to being finished, I can almost taste it! I’ve even started thinking about what to write for my “director’s statement” and am just giddy with the thought of getting to write one! We’re still finishing the score…

Write What You Don’t Know!

They like to say, “Write what you know.” And often they mean that literally. To wit: write about the kind of life with which you’re familiar. They think that’s honest writing. I think it’s a cop-out. To be frank, the kind of life with which I’m familiar can sometimes seem rather boring. I’m a normal…