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3rd Place Award Winner — “Tent City” Screenplay

My spec screenplay “Tent City” won 3rd place in PANO‘s The Marilyn Horowitz Screenplay Award contest!!

I’m so delighted!!

Set in the “underground” world of homelessness and the shady world of real estate, we follow two colorful characters, Sonny and Pops, around downtown LA, as they work to keep themselves and their friends safe from developers who see them as pests. Dealing with multiple social issues, this story is a dive into a world many often overlook.

If you’re interested in reading this screenplay, you can download it here.

Thank you to everyone at PANO and especially Marilyn Horowitz!!

Thanks also to Paula Landry for her efforts on behalf of PANO.

And congrats to the 1st and 2nd place winners, Lauren Ciaravalli (with “So Dramatic”) and Lu Lenoxx (with “Pairs to the Floor”)!

If you want to learn more about PANO or Marilyn Horowitz, please check out these amazing resources:

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