Kids’ History: Christmas Edition

I wrote, produced, and directed a new Christmas short film for my church! TGC Park Slope - Kids' History: Christmas Edition from Trinity Grace Church on Vimeo.  


Jerry & Diane

Chris Domig and Margaret Copeland Hunter star in my not-so-romantic comedy short about a guitar lesson gone wrong, Jerry & Diane, which premiered at the Big Apple Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas on November 9th, 2014. Jerry is a desperate 'guitar teacher' hoping to 'take it to the next level' with his favorite student,... Continue Reading →

Leadership Sets The Culture On Set

There was a great letter from the ASC president Richard Crudo to the ASC members following the February death of Sarah Jones. You can read the whole thing here. What I want to focus on is his admonition that it is indeed the cinematographers - the leaders - who set the tone and the culture on... Continue Reading →

My Current Project

You might remember in February I mentioned that I had three projects in their third trimester? Well, one of them has been born! Meet our little girl, Olivia Grace Fritzsche. She was born at home, weighing 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 21 inches long. She slept through the night at 1.5 months and is... Continue Reading →

Film Friends: Amy and Bryan Storkel, and Jason Connell

My film friends, Bryan & Amy Storkel and Jason Connell have produced a film about card-counting Christians who are professional blackjack players called Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians. I've been following this film for a while. I've seen several pieces of advanced footage and have been honoured to support it's development in several... Continue Reading →

Film Friends: Vessie Kazachka

My friend Vessie Kazachka was Second AC on the Oscar-winning film "The Artist" and I remember her telling us while it was being shot that she thought it was a good film and that she was proud to be working on it. This was before the Weinsteins got wind of it. Vessie also worked on my short film, Sonny!... Continue Reading →

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