Writer, Director, Mother, Superhero?

cropped-sonny-231.jpgHey! I am a writer, producer, and director, primarily in film/video. My background as a award-winning independent film and theatre producer and 1st assistant director has honed my writing skills and my ability to stay on time and on budget as a director. I have directed short film/video projects, live theatre, and I’ve written feature films, short films (3 produced), and several web series episodes. I’m also currently directing and producing a documentary about the postpartum culture crisis in America.

I’m a mum of two bright and rambunctious young ones who take up much of my time. Passionate about real food, I love cooking from scratch, hate to follow a recipe, and am always working on crafting the perfect gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. I’m a dedicated coffee snob (read: retired barista), enjoy kickboxing, rock-climbing, crossfit, and a good long hike, and am a closet superhero nerd who really wishes I could fly.