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Writing As A Director

I’ve been working on a short film script, as a writer. But the objective for this short film has been for me to direct it. Ryan has been gunning to produce again and it’s time for me to direct. So instead of attacking this most recent rewriting period like a writer, I attacked it like a director. I went in with the intention of making this script a script I’d want to direct. And, strangely enough, that helped make this rewriting process even better than usual.

In general, I love the rewriting process. It’s like painting. A little tweak here. Another detail there. Oh! Look how those two scenes tie together better now! And now this detail has meaning! Awesome! But, attacking this pass as a director and not a writer has been interesting. In many ways, it has been even more rewarding! I have begun to visualize things better. I have begun to see meaning where I hadn’t seen meaning before. I even began to see the fluff!

I wonder if I should approach each script I work on as a director (as opposed to a writer). Would that make me a better writer? Or just a really frustrated director…?

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