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LSL Life Docuseries — “Morgan and Katie”

Here is the documentary short film, “Morgan and Katie” that I produced and directed. Our crew had such a fun time hanging out with the exceptional Morgan, the incredible Katie, and their amazingly cool family. They opened their home and their hearts to us as we sat and dug up all the stories, emotions, and fears from the past — from when they first learned of Morgan’s hearing loss to discovering that Katie also had hearing loss, from learning about Listening and Spoken Language to experiencing all the joys that come when your children begin to listen and to speak.

“Morgan and Katie” is part of a series of documentary short films that I have produced and directed for Hearing First — an organization that promotes Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) for children who are deaf or hard of hearing — through FiveStone, an agency here in NYC. Through the technology and therapy provided as part of the Listening and Spoken Language protocol, many deaf or hard of hearing children have learned to listen and to speak.

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View more of their incredible stories at

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