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The Thing — “The Family Jewels”

The Family Jewels” was Episode 3 of The Thing, a live Zoom series created by Phil Odgen and co-produced by Linzmarie Schultz, that I had the honour of directing in August 2020. “The Family Jewels” is a feature spec script by the lovely Elizabeth Ditty. After discovering a family secret following her mother’s death, a woman embarks on an emergency road trip to reconcile her parents’ life, her own entanglements, & her relationships with her siblings. Six (6) scenes from Elizabeth Ditty’s spec script “The Family Jewels were selected for their thematic through-lines and relational dynamics.

I was delighted to work with the following amazing artists: Linzmarie Schultz [DIRE STRAIGHTS, MURDER CALLS] who carried the show as Jane Marigold, Adam Stephenson [13 REASONS WHY, MR. MERCEDES, THE PURGE] who played Tom McTavish with some glorious leading man energy, Tamra Paselk [CHRONICLES OF A BLEED YEAR OLD WOMAN, GOOD MOURNING] who tugged at our heart strings as Dierdre Marigold, Dylan Arredondo, who primarily performs on the boards and has tours with productions such as OTHELLO, THE GREAT GATSBY, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, gave us complex but comforting big brother vibes as Sal Marigold, Catherine Gaffney [CAN I GET A WITNESS PROTECTION, BETTY & DD, MARY FOR MAYOR] showed us a lovely dimension of feminine strength as Mary Fairfax, Clayton Landey [SULLY, IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG, STARGATE: ATLANTIS] brought the impressively protective energy of Steven Fairfax, Sheila Maddox [LIFE OF THE PARTY, DAYTIME DIVAS, THE ACCOUNTANT] dropped many truths as most grounded and candid Nancy and finally, the lovely voice actor Georgia Mckenzie [podcasts: OSTIUM, COPPERHEART] read selected action lines.

Here are some screen grabs from the LIVE event. If you want to watch it, you can! Click here to go directly to the Vimeo link. Click here to go to the Past Episodes page of The Thing.

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