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I’m On A Train, Y’all

Today I took the amtrak down to the San Diego area for a business meetin’.   I got up at the crack o’ dawn, 6 AM so that my loving husband could drive me down to Union Station to catch the 7:20 to San Diego.  The 7:20 to San Diego.  That sounds neat.

We rode through much of urban Los Angeles and Orange County before turn west to the beaches.  I saw lots of awesome graffiti.  Amy R, you and I should go to the OC to shoot our graffiti photos!  Also, I hadn’t realized that the Anaheim stop is right next to Angel Stadium.  Hm…  easy to get to.  Ack!  I just ended a sentence with a dangling preposition!  Shame on me…


Once the novelty of being on a train (first time since 2002 except for the wine train on our honeymoon) wore off and I became bored with the stimulating Orange County scenery, and once the large coffee began to work its magic, I turned to my computer and the notes I’d made for the meeting.  My brand spankin’ new laptop’s battery is strong and hearty.  It lasts for more than five hours.  Yum!

I had a great meeting in (or near) Oceanside.  We had breakfast at a fun little diner in the middle of an industrial park.  It was a lovely day and a fabulous meeting.  The coffee was a boost and my huevos rancheros were quintessentially diner-licious.

The trip back north was sunny and lovely.  The beaches were full of surfers and children.  Often, people bathing on towels were just yards away.  So close I could’ve spit on ’em!

All in all it was a lovely experience and, consequently, I now recommend the train for travel to SD.

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