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I’ve been writing!  And I just completed the first draft on a screenplay that I’ve been writing for a producer in San Diego.  Woot!  I’m gonna get notes tonight and then I’ll start revisions.  It feels good to complete the first draft of another screenplay.  It feels like having climbed to the top of one end of a mountain range.  Woohoo!  I’m at the top!  But now I know that I have a whole mountain range (of revisions) to travel to get to the end -a script that’s ready for production.

But this process so far has been a real joy.  Why?  Other than the fact that I’ve really jived with this producer and he gives good notes, I’ve enjoyed it because it’s been an organized process.  We started with a story idea and fleshed it out into the 8-point story structure.  Then I fleshed that out into a 30-beat outline.  Then he had notes.  Then I fleshed it out into a step outline (about 67 “scenes”).  Then he had notes.  And a few others had notes.

And we talked about those notes.  Then I took that outline and wrote the script!

It was just a healthy rewarding writing process!  And in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I love the re-writing process.  So I’m even looking forward to that.  Yay!

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